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Frequently Asked Questions


Our Services


Q: How much will my sewing machine or serger cost to repair? Is it necessary to make an appointment to have it assessed?
A: The price of your repair can only be determined after the machine has been assessed by our technician, but some of our prices are listed with our services. It is not necessary to make an appointment, but you will need to leave your machine with us to be assessed, and a non-refundable estimate deposit will apply (contact us for details). We will contact you with a detailed estimate after our mechanic has assessed your machine.


Q: Can your technician come to my home to repair my machine?
A: Unfortunately, due to high demand, we do not have a technician who can make house calls. Please bring your machine to our store at Frederick Mall. If your machine is in a table, please remove the machine and leave the table at home.


Q: Does your mechanic repair industrial sewing machines?
A: Our mechanic does not repair industrial machines at this time, but we do stock industrial parts and needles.


Q: Do you do alterations or provide embroidery services?

A: No, we do not. Our goal is to set you up with the equipment and knowledge you need to complete your own sewing projects.


Sewing Classes and Lessons


Q: Can I have a free lesson on a machine that I bought from your store a year ago?
A: Yes, you most certainly can! We provide unlimited one-on-one lessons to everyone who purchases their machine in our store.


Q: Do you have a sewing class for children?

A: We often hold a sewing class for children in June. Please sign up to hear when new classes open.


Q: Can I sign up for classes online?

A: At this time, class registration must be completed over the phone or in person. 


Our Products


Q: Do you carry fabric?

A: We do not carry fabric at our store. However, we have a huge selection of thread, buttons, ribbon, trim, embroidery stabilizer, and a variety of other sewing supplies. 


Q: Which brands of sewing machines do you carry?

A: We carry Singer, Janome, and Elna machines.


Still have a question? Please feel free to contact us. We're happy to help!